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Travel is my passion and I have learned a lot from my travels. When I travel, I like to learn about people, culture, and customs.

My passion for travel started right after college when I first visited Myanmar where I was born. In my 20s, I visited Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the border area of Laos. In my 30s, I started exploring cities in the States, North American countries and Western Europe. In my 40s, I ventured to the Middle East and African countries.

Now that I recently tuned a half century old, I moved to China to learn more about my heritage while teaching English to Chinese children.

Prior to moving to China, Kerry and I visited Brazil. It was my first time visiting a South American country. I didn’t know Brazil was a really big country with many regions. Since we went there mainly for relaxing and kite boarding, we went to a beach town called Cumbuco near Fortaleza. We went on a day trip to the outskirts of Cumbuco. But I know I will go back to Brazil for more exploration and to learn more about its culture and customs.

We have been in China for six months now. I learned so much already. Since we are staying in a city called Langfang which is outside of Beijing, we are not really seeing as much of the whole Chinese culture as we would like. Since Langfang is a small city (though it is spread out with 4 million people), we are learning about small city life. One major thing I learned about China which I didn’t know in the past is that it is really cold in the winter. I didn’t think it would be this cold.

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