What does an analyst do when he’s not working with numbers? He still collects data and analyzes information.

Data is all around us and begs me to ask the question “Why?” and delve deeper no matter my environment.

Last Thanksgiving, my wife and I took a year off to China to teach English to children ages from 6 to 14 at a training school. Teaching is fun and exciting, especially teaching critical thinking skill to children who are used to learning memorization techniques. Classroom control can be challenging when the majority of students in the class are boys. I didn’t do any study about this. My bias reasoning is that the boys are spoiled because of the country’s one child policy. Therefore, I enjoy my classes that have more girls than boys.

After a few months of teaching, I got familiar with the students and recognized their performance levels. I noticed a group of students learning faster and having better pronunciation than most of the class. When I was teaching one of the lessons about “my passport information”, I decided to add additional information about the students to the dialog. I added their school and their grade level. When they talked about their public school and grade level, I noticed that my top students were enrolled in the same public school. Although the grade levels are different, the #6 Primary school students were better performers than other students. So I started exploring the public school system.

I also started collecting the data of my other students about which public school they are attending and their grade level. I teach 13 classes which is about 200 students, from second grade to sixth grade. Since my data pool was small compared to the 2,000 students in the entire training center, I started to ask other teachers. With enough data collected, I concluded that #6 primary school has a better English teaching program than other primary schools and it is aligned with our training school’s goals.

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