Things I learned in 2019

  1. Growing up, I never thought of being a teacher. Teaching is fun and rewarding.

  2. Aside from fake and biased news, don’t take freedom of internet for granted.

  3. Even though America is currently in a dysfunctional state, it is still the best place to live in the world. That’s why people are still coming to study and work.

  4. After living in China for a year, I am more careful about shaking hands. Hygiene and sanitation has become essential.

  5. Whether it’s a democratic, socialist, communist or authoritarian government, if the governing people are selfish and corrupt, the people will suffer.

  6. China can be a good place to visit. But not to live. I learned that Northern China is very different from Southern China.

  7. I learned more about how governments, media, and advertisers manipulate people.

  8. Even though China has many food safety issues, I think if you are careful, some foods are healthier than America because they don’t contain GMOs and unknown chemicals such as pesticides.

  9. The U.S and China’s public educational systems are in bad shape. I am concerned about the new generation.

  10. There are many dysfunctional people in the world and I must learn to live with them. J

Happy New Year! I hope you have health, wealth and happiness in 2020!

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