We are born one day and we will be dead someday.

We arrive to this world naked, without any material things and we leave this world empty, without material things.

What good are material things when you can’t take it with you when you are dead.

As infants, we have no fear and learn something new every day.

As we grow older, we establish habits, rituals, and emotions.

We learn good and bad emotions from our experiences and others’ teachings.

Some are good learners, and some struggle to learn.

Some accept changes, adopt new ideas and habits.

Some are stubborn and keep the old ways.

What is the norm and who is right? No one is right because everyone is an individual and has a mind of their own.

Not all people are alike and think the same.

You can’t expect everyone to think and behave like you.

Without wealth, your life can be difficult, but you can live.

Without health, you can’t enjoy your wealth.

Without family, friends and a social circle, you feel alone and you can’t enjoy life.

So, my question is why are people making a big fuss over little things– being angry, having feelings of hate towards each other, and creating drama?

Life is short, you never know when you will go, so everyone should get along.

Make peace, forget the bad past, and move on with your life.

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