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Travel is my passion and I have learned a lot from my travels. When I travel, I like to learn about people, culture, and customs.

My passion for travel started right after college when I first visited Myanmar where I was born. In my 20s, I visited Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the border area of Laos. In my 30s, I started exploring cities in the States, North American countries and Western Europe. In my 40s, I ventured to the Middle East and African countries.

Now that I recently tuned a half century old, I moved to China to learn more about my heritage while teaching English to Chinese children.

Prior to moving to China, Kerry and I visited Brazil. It was my first time visiting a South American country. I didn’t know Brazil was a really big country with many regions. Since we went there mainly for relaxing and kite boarding, we went to a beach town called Cumbuco near Fortaleza. We went on a day trip to the outskirts of Cumbuco. But I know I will go back to Brazil for more exploration and to learn more about its culture and customs.

We have been in China for six months now. I learned so much already. Since we are staying in a city called Langfang which is outside of Beijing, we are not really seeing as much of the whole Chinese culture as we would like. Since Langfang is a small city (though it is spread out with 4 million people), we are learning about small city life. One major thing I learned about China which I didn’t know in the past is that it is really cold in the winter. I didn’t think it would be this cold.

Back in the U.S., we received very little information about the new China. Most of the news we received was negative such as China is treating ethnic minorities badly and producing bad and fake products. In contrast, China has been focusing on economic development for the past 40 years while the U.S. focuses on celebrity drama, wars, new technology and ugly politics.

Today I learned something new. On television, there was a show about China working with Turkey and African countries in building infrastructure and economic development, which is called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). China is building roads, bridges, tunnels and railways towards Turkey where its bullet train will go in the future.

While I was watching the show, I thought about why the U.S. is not doing the same by building transportation infrastructure. Most of the U.S.’s road and bridges are very old and need major work. Building transportation infrastructure is good for the economy. It will help with the country’s economic development, especially in the Midwest and the areas that are not very desirable to live. National Parks are very attractive for tourists and naturalists. While maintaining the natural beauty, these areas can develop to be desirable places to live and visit.

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