Tony's Bio

Tony is a self-starter, organized, adaptable, accountable, goal oriented, a team player and a communicator. Since he is educated in Computer Information Systems and has worked in different industries and held various positions, he is process oriented, technical, and understands business needs and organizational objectives.

He started his career as a technical support engineer and moved up quickly because of his superior customer service skills and understanding of business needs. While working at Telecommunication startups, he transitioned as a lead engineer and later became a project manager, working with vendors, internal and external stakeholders, business partners and clients.

Tony has worked on building network infrastructure and network operation center (NOC) projects, upgrading IT infrastructure projects, software and product deployments, updating IT department policy, process and procedures documentation for business acquisition and IT security projects.

As a hybrid person working in technology and business, he worked with different systems, applications and tools, making him adaptable to different work environments, company cultures and various roles.

While working on projects in healthcare, he gained experience in healthcare policy, compliance, regulatory, contracts and reporting. In banking, he worked within the guidelines of regulatory and security requirements.

Tony is a communicator, so he understands the importance of communication and follow up. He enjoys collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, vendors, partners and C-level management.

Understanding and analyzing data and business processes are natural for Tony as these are important for an organization’s efficiency, planning and forecasting.

Overall, Tony is a hybrid professional who is technical and business oriented. He is an asset and can be valuable to an organization that needs a bridge between IT and business departments. He can analyze problems, implement solutions, and educate staff on the new direction.

Tony enjoys traveling, doing outdoor activities, and learning about culture and customs. Tony spent a year teaching English to children ages 5-16 in China prior to the pandemic.

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